Business Consulting Services

Depending on the times, there are many things going on in the country that can have an impact on your business.

Some of these may have an impact on how you operate, on what you spend, on what you charge. But if you miss your mark, it can be detrimental to your business.

We have worked with clients to implement pricing changes that allow for profitability, to assist in hiring staff and ensuring role guidelines and KPI measurements for staff, to implement financial management systems that allow them to spend more time focusing on income-producing activities and less time on income tracking activities.

If you are facing a financial struggle in your business and unsure how to overcome it, we can help create a strategy that will get you back on track and provide some long term guidance on how to avoid that pitfall again.

Outsourced CFO Services

Business is hectic, you are busy, and your attention gets pulled in several directions every single day. Sometimes, finance management is the one thing that tends to slip. It takes time, it is not your favorite thing to do and it doesn’t “make” you money.

Having a solid set of business financials is paramount to creating and implementing growth strategies for your business. From hiring decisions to investments and growth, every decision, when made from a solid understanding of the financial health of your business, is a decision you can be confident in.

Budget and cash flow management is just the start of how we can help your business. Financial forecasting allows you to see growth and seasonal trends and determine if the liquidity of your business is strong enough to get you through a downtime.

We can help you monitor your business finances, keep you on budget and work with your tax and accounting team to oversee everything that is being completed. We then report back to you and keep you apprised of your business margins, growth, and financial health.

We help you to see what is and what could be, mapping out the path for you to get there successfully.


Tax Compliance Services

At Elevating Profits, we believe a healthy approach to tax and financial stability for your business involves taking a look at the big picture. Starting with the end in mind, we take an approach that addresses all of your tax compliance needs and allows you to focus on the more important things in your business.

That is why we provide expanded tax services that move beyond basic bookkeeping and accounting services. When we are able to help our clients’ businesses with their accounting and financial needs, we offer the added benefit of keeping them well-prepared for tax season and well-positioned to make the most important financial decisions.

We offer annual tax preparation, audit safeguard and representation, streamlined payroll services and accounting/bookkeeping.