Amanda Kendall

Amanda Kendall, EA, is a business consultant with a background as a tax and accounting professional with over 17 years’ experience. In 2012, Amanda established her first business which quickly catapulted to one of the top firms in her industry with under 20 employees. Despite her focused and driven personality and a passion for what she does and helping her clients, Amanda found herself personally struggling in her own business.

The experience and insight she gained from turning her business from near bankruptcy to being one of the most successful companies in her industry that she was able to sell for double what she had ever thought she would evolve into a desire to work with small businesses to create the same results for them. Thus, Elevating Profits, LLC was born.

By working with business owners who operate as their own CEO, Amanda helps them achieve the financial and time freedom they desire. As a business consultant and fractional CFO, Amanda works with her clients to increase profits, decrease taxes and create a business that truly moves them towards their exit strategy.

Amanda offers her consulting and CFO services to businesses throughout the U.S. remotely while working with some CEO’s in one-on-one or group settings as well to advance their financial abilities.

Amanda has been an Enrolled Agent since 2011, passing all three parts of the stringent IRS test in just three months. She has been honored as the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Women of the Year Award Recipient as well as the International Women’s Leadership Association (ILWA) Women of Outstanding Leadership Award Recipient. She has also been inducted as a Pinnacle Professional of the Year by Continental Who’s Who Association.


Expert Speaking Topics

  • Key Financial Concepts for Businesses
  • Cash Flow management
  • Pricing for Profits
  • Various Tax Laws and Tax Planning Strategies for businesses
  • Understanding the financial reports for your business
  • Improving the financial health of your business
  • Exit Strategies and why you need one now
  • Creating profitable roles for every employee

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