Individual Services

At Elevating Profits, we know that taxes are not fun for most people. (We tend to be an exception!) We also know that making big financial decisions and knowing how it may impact taxes brings some added comfort to the decision-making process itself.

Because of this, we believe that individual tax preparation should not be a one-time a year thing. By being available throughout the year for our clients when they have financial changes or decisions that occur, we provide ongoing support that reaps benefits at tax time.

In addition to tax preparation, we are seeing more and more notices coming out as the tax agencies are getting better at income identification and matching and the fear of an audit withd the governmental deficit is worse now than we have ever seen before.

We also know that unexpected bills from your tax professional is not what you like to get mid-year after having a call with them to figure several things out. Because of this, we offer our individual tax clients our Peace of Mind Program. Starting as low as $59/month, you receive your year-end tax preparation, the ability to have us address any tax notices that come for the tax year and our audit protection option. 

Most of the below services are available individually outside of a package option.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Proper tax preparation is key to avoiding audits and ensuring you are not overpaying on your tax bill. Proper tax planning is key to ensure you are legally paying as little tax as you are required to.

Taxes are not one-size-fits-all, they must be unique to your situation, and at Elevating Profits we get that. By having us on your team, you will benefit from knowing that your taxes are done accurately and that we are looking at your situation to see if there are any tax savings opportunities that can be implemented for you.

With an ongoing understanding of Federal and State tax laws we are constantly seeing if there is a new or better way to do something that will generate legal tax savings.

Tax Notice Response

With the IRS and State tax agencies moving into the computer age more and more, their systems are constantly getting better at identifying missed income and matching information with other governmental agencies to ensure accurate reporting, the volume and frequency of tax notices is increasing year after year.

With our Tax Notice Response option, if you get a tax notice in relation to any year you are in this program, then we will take care of it for you. We will work with you to get any information we may not already have and prepare a written response to the IRS to address. If the need arises for a phone call, we will take care of that also.

*This option does not include notices that require a payment plan or offer in compromise with the IRS. This is strictly for notices regarding the tax return preparation. Please contact us for any questions you have around what may or may not be included.

Audit Protection Option

Knowing that if we prepare the return that we will stand by our work is something that our clients value and appreciate. With our audit protection option, if you get audited by the IRS or State, then we will work with you and them to ensure they are provided everything that is needed in a timely manner and that the outcome of any audit is accurate.

An audit can cost anywhere from $1,000 and up to finalize. With our Peace of Mind Program, you can sleep easy knowing that we have you covered.