Tax Preparation Services

For Individuals and Businesses

At Elevating Profits, we believe a healthy approach to tax and financial stability involves multiple approaches.

That’s why we provide expanded tax services that move beyond basic bookkeeping and accounting services. When we are able to help our clients’ in their individual and business financial needs, we offer the added benefit of keeping them well-prepared for tax season and well-positioned for their financial needs.

We offer annual tax preparation, audit safeguard and preparation, streamlined payroll services and accounting/bookkeeping.

Contact our offices today and let us create a plan to help manage all of your tax needs.

Business Strategies Consulting

With business consulting services with a focus on improving operations and business margins in your business, you will start to see how some small tweaks can have big impacts! Starting from where you are at, knowing what your goals are, we will map out a plan to get you there and work through the missing pieces to give you the solid foundation needed to be confident with your business finances.

Our businesses throw a lot at us every single day, sometimes the finances and strategy pieces just get pushed to the back burner, but no longer.

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Small Business CFO Services

Business is hectic, you are busy, and you barely see your family as it is.

You have a budget, you have a plan, but where do you find the time to ensure it is being followed and you are staying on track?

We can help you monitor your business finances, keep you on budget and work with your tax and accounting team to oversee everything is being completed. We then report back to you and keep you apprised of your business margins, growth, and financial health.

We help you to see what is and what could be, mapping out the path for you to get there successfully.

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