Business Finance 101

(Live and Recorded Webinars)

Let's face it, you did not go into business to be a bookkeeper or an accountant, but there is something you love to do that you were passionate enough about to start your business.

Once you get started it can feel like the fire hose turns on though. There is so much to learn and it all seems to be needed at the same time. Sales, marketing, systems, finances. Not one is any less important than the other. It seems as though the finance piece always gets set aside to make the sale, to network, to map out your program or your offering though.

With the Business Finance 101 webinars and recorded trainings, you can learn about the finance aspect of your business in bite-size increments. Topics such as pricing, cash flow, expense management, record keeping and much more are all broken down in an easily understandable way that you can implement right away.

One hour of your time to learn about a piece of your business that can truly change the financial impact your business has for your life.

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Profit Proof Your Business Course

(6 Week Group Online Group Training Course)

Do you know that your business can be more profitable than it is? Are you frustrated with working endless hours and not taking a paycheck?

In this 6-week online group training course, we start with first things first and build on that. You will learn how to manage the money in your business better, understand how your pricing model is keeping you from a paycheck, understand the financial reports you need to be looking at and much more.

This 6-week course is hosted in a private FaceBook group with live weekly, interactive video trainings. You will leave this course understanding the pulse points and needle movers of your business and how to work on your business finances to start paying yourself something right away.

If you are sick of working for free, then this is where you will want to start.

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Profit and Cash Flow Strategies Consulting

With one-on-one consulting in the areas of profit margins and cash flow in your business, you will start to see how some small tweaks can have big impacts! Starting from where you are at, knowing what your goals are, we will map out a plan to get you there and work through the missing pieces to give you the solid foundation needed to be confident with your business finances.

Our businesses throw a lot at us every single day, sometimes the finances just get pushed to the back burner, but no longer. Create profits and pay yourself your worth so you can enjoy what you do and live your life.

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Small Business CFO Services

Business is hectic, you are busy, and you barely see your family as it is.

You have a budget, you have a plan, but where do you find the time to ensure it is being followed and you are staying on track?

We can help you monitor your business finances, keep you on budget and work with your tax and accounting team to oversee everything is being completed. We then report back to you and keep you apprise of your business profits, growth and financial health.

We help you to see what is and what could be, mapping out the path for you to get there successfully.

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