One of the most common questions we get asked from online marketers is how to claim a home office for your small business. If you run a business where you work from home, you may be entitled to a home office deduction. Specifically for businesses filing on a Schedule C as a sole proprietor. If you file as… Read More

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself “will hiring children in business really save me on taxes?” Many family owned businesses have heard that you can employ your minor children in your business and that there are tax benefits to this. The “what” of those tax benefits is often the part that confuses small service… Read More

Small business owners are really good at conceptualizing an idea and marketing it. However, when it comes to tracking certain metrics, they only know what they know. So that leaves what they don’t know not getting tracked. It is what they don’t know, that can often be a detriment to their business that they will… Read More

Does your business financial to-do list look like a clean slate, or are critical 2018 tasks still nagging? Getting all of your financial tasks done in December is always a challenge. Besides the vacation time you and your employees probably took for the holidays, there are those year-end,?Let?s-wrap-it-up-by-December-31?projects. How did you do last month? Were… Read More

If you’re the owner of an online marketing business, you want your business to do far more than survive; you want it to thrive! Unfortunately, to make sure that customers are happy and the revenue continues to roll in there are a lot of details that need attention, and some end up being overlooked. The… Read More

Building a business is a process that requires careful attention to many individual points, all with the goal of increasing customers, improving products, and building profit. There are many elements that contribute to the ability of a company to grow. One key area to focus on is the budget. From the foundation of the business,… Read More

If you ever wanted proof that quality company leadership is critical to an organization?s success, look no further than the old saying of ?people don?t quit their jobs. They quit their leaders.? To that end, being an efficient CEO involves a lot more than just ?having a vision? or ?barking orders.? It?s not about commanding… Read More

The process of starting a small business can be an arduous one; there are numerous steps that need to be taken ? and often in a precise order ? to legally establish a business. As a result, the process can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, it?s also easy to overlook some important details and steps along the… Read More

Every month needs a steady flow of revenue. But if you specialize in seasonal work or contract-based projects that aren?t consistent, it can be difficult to adequately project your future revenue and profits. One of the best things you can do is organize your business finances around the concept of cash flow. Having a different focus changes… Read More