My Approach

With over 16 years of experience in the tax and accounting industry and a love for anything numbers, Amanda hates to see entrepreneurs struggling to create a profit or even worse, working exhaustive hours and not paying themselves anything for it out of fear the business will crumble if they do.

Using her knowledge around taxes and business finance, she works with entrepreneurs like you to give you a solid foundation that helps improve your business operations and margins. Through our consulting and CFO services, we come alongside you and your team to implement the necessary operational and strategic changes to improve productivity and operations which in turn improve your business margins. Through our individual and business tax preparation services, we help simplify tax time and eliminate your stress over getting things done right and on time.

My Story

Well, about that….

Have you ever known an entrepreneur that loved what they were doing and they had such a passion when they started their business only to have to go back to work for someone else because the numbers just would not line up for them?

In Amanda’s tax experience, she has sat with many entrepreneurs who were facing this exact same situation. In fact, Amanda was almost in this situation. Yes, you read that correctly. As a numbers nerd in the accounting world, her business almost failed due to a lack of attention for the numbers.

She dedicated time to work on her business. Starting from the basics again and working her way up, finding solutions to her financial woes. In the span of 8 months, her business was in a position that allowed her to feel like she could succeed and stay in business. Within 12 months, she was paying herself consistently and had been able to even work fewer hours doing so.

After doing this work on her own business and realizing how she was able to change her situation and finances so drastically, Amanda realized that there are so many more people out there dealing with the same situation and that is unacceptable!

We become entrepreneurs for time and financial freedom. Our clients implement the right changes in their business with our guidance and consulting to have both and a successful business.