About Elevating Profits

Amanda Kendall, founder of Elevating Profits, has worked in the tax and accounting industry her entire adult life. She started in tax resolution work, helping those who found themselves on the wrong side of the IRS. After years of doing this, she began to add in accounting services for her clients as well. 

Over time, Amanda realized that a lack of financial management was a key indicator of why these business owners were in financial trouble with the IRS. It really hit her one year when her own business almost went bankrupt due to a lack of financial management. This was unacceptable! 

After getting her own business back on track and operating profitably once more, Amanda realized what she was truly meant to do in the business world. She set out on a mission to help as many business owners as she could to ensure their businesses would thrive and provide for their desired exit strategy as planned. This is when Elevating Profits (at least the concept of it) began to form. 

At Elevating Profits, we bring an entrepreneurial view to all our client’s businesses. You have built this business from the ground up and we love to come alongside you and your business and be a small part of your overall success and long term strategy. 

Stay Updated on Relevant Business News

When the IRS makes a change, a new tax planning opportunity arises, or deadlines are approaching, we make sure our community is made aware. Join us and stay informed.