From revenue to expenses to tax time, all your business financial needs are our priority.

Business is demanding and often complicated when it comes to dealing with the finance piece.

At Elevating Profits, LLC, we work with our clients from consulting services to taxes to CFO services to ensure your business is doing everything necessary to improve productivity and business margins to stay on track. Money is business is something that is 100% manageable. Don’t let your business fail due to this piece. A few tweaks are often all that is needed to go from survival mode to success!

With over 16 years of experience in tax and accounting, I’ve spent a lot of my time working with business owners who were in tax trouble because of one thing or another, but it always surrounded the finances in their business. By putting some intentional focus and the right team in place, you give your business the best opportunity to flourish and produce predictable results.

I work with entrepreneurs to prevent the debt and overwhelm that finances can create when our money runs the business and we are not running the money. By creating the systems and taking action, you can start to run your business and improve business margins strategically.

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Amanda Kendall, Profit Coach
Amanda Kendall, EA
Owner and Founder